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Spring into Action: How to Take Your Workout Outdoors

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Spring has finally sprung, and what better way to embrace this beautiful season than getting outside and trying a few of our favourite outdoor exercises.


From outdoor yoga to cycling, here’s how you can spring into action and prioritise your health and wellbeing this spring.


Why You Should Exercise Outdoors This Spring


Regardless of whether you choose to workout indoors or outdoors, there’s no denying that exercise helps to boost both your mental and physical health. With longer daylight hours and warmer weather, spring is the perfect opportunity to take your workout outdoors.


Outdoor exercise can offer many more benefits than working out indoors. Some benefits include:


  • Getting Fresh Air


Working out outdoors and breathing in the fresh air can naturally help to boost your endorphins. This “happy hormone” can help to provide you with extra energy to push your workout even further.


  • Boosting Vitamin D Levels


Outdoor exercise is the perfect opportunity to get your daily dose of vitamin D – it’s not called the sunshine vitamin without reason!


Vitamin D is needed to help support the normal function of your immune system, as well as support both your bones and muscles. Relying on the sun to boost your vitamin D levels can sometimes be tricky, especially living in the UK! You may wish to consider introducing vitamin D supplements, such as Organics Vegan Vitamin D3 Spray and Organics Vitamin D3 Chewables.



  • Working Out in Extra Space


Exercising outdoors presents you with so much space to work with! Whether you take your workout to a local park, your garden, or the beautiful countryside, there is plenty of opportunity to take in your surroundings and choose an outdoor space that suits you and your workout.


  • It’s Free


Whether you choose to participate in a group outdoor fitness class, park run, or choose to workout solo, outdoor exercise is often completely free. Spring into action this season and save on gym membership fees by exercising outdoors.


6 Outdoor Exercises to Try this Spring


We’ve picked out our favourite exercises you can do outdoors this spring.


1. Yoga


Try doing yoga outdoors for a more relaxed and energising session. Not only is it a great opportunity to feel closer to nature, outdoor yoga can also help you to practice mindfulness and improve your wellbeing.


Simply find a quiet spot outside and take in your surroundings – listen to the birds chirping, feel a light breeze on your skin, or smell freshly cut grass. Allow your mind to go into a deep state of relaxation while practicing your yoga routine. For beginners, here are few of our favourite yoga poses to try outdoors:


  • Downward Dog
  • Child Pose
  • Lotus Position


Look out for local outdoor fitness classes and yoga sessions if you feel more comfortable joining a group.


2. Cycling


If your go to cardio at the gym is cycling or spinning, this outdoor exercise might be one for you. Take this spring as an opportunity to change up your routine and pedal into the great outdoors.


Providing you with a welcoming change of scenery, cycling outside will also present you with a new set of challenges. From the change in surfaces to the natural ascends and descends, maximise your cardio fitness and target multiple muscle groups with this simple outdoor workout.


3. Hiking


As the weather starts to get warmer, you’re naturally going to want to be outside and make the most of the sunshine. One way to embrace the outdoors – and hit your daily 10,000 steps – is by going on a hike.


Whether you choose to take on a mountain or take a casual stroll through the rolling hills, hiking is a great cardio outdoor exercise that will help you enjoy all that spring has to offer, while strengthening your lower body.


group of young adults hiking up a hill


4. Paddle Boarding


For those looking for something a little different to your usual outdoor exercises, we’ve got the perfect activity for you – paddle boarding.


Often overlooked, paddle boarding is an incredibly relaxing outdoor workout that can help improve your core and upper body strength. Take the time to embrace the signs of spring, from the first sight of ducklings to the sun reflecting on the water.


5. Skipping


There are plenty of reasons why skipping should be your new favourite workout this spring. All you need is a skipping rope and plenty of space, making it the perfect outdoor exercise you can do anywhere.


Discover all the health benefits of skipping and how to incorporate this beginner-friendly workout into your spring routine in this article:


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6. Jogging

Spring is the perfect time to ditch the treadmill and get outside! With the days getting longer and the temperature just right, take the opportunity to start jogging outdoors. Whether you choose to listen to your favourite podcast, motivational workout tunes, or the sounds of life going on around you while you run, this simple cardio exercise is a great way to take your workout outdoors.


How to Fuel Your Body for Outdoor Exercise


No matter what outdoor exercise you choose to incorporate into your routine, make sure that your body is fuelled with the right nutrition and energy to help power you through your workout.


We have a wide range of protein powders that have been designed to support muscle growth, repair and recovery, with options to suit your specific dietary needs.


Our Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder in Vanilla or Chocolate flavour is the perfect option to help energise your workout, while supporting the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Add one scoop of this organic vegan protein powder to your preferred choice of milk, thoroughly shake and enjoy within an hour before your workout or for a delicious post-workout shake.



Try these delicious protein smoothie recipes for an easy way to incorporate protein powder into your routine:


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