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Delicia Bale’s Supplement Routine

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Meet Delicia, an enthusiastic registered nutritionist who effortlessly makes ‘eating healthy’ exciting and accessible to over one thousand of her followers on TikTok and Instagram. 


Her feeds are not only filled with delightful, nutritious, and simple-to-follow recipes, but also have valuable insights into the significance of the supplements she uses. In her quest to find the best products for her, she stumbled upon Garden of Life and now she proudly shares how she effortlessly incorporates her handpicked favourites into her daily regimen.  


1. Protein Powder 


It goes without saying that protein powder is essential in many nutritionists’ routines, as it’s a quick and easy way to support their protein intake. For Delicia, it is the secret ingredient for many of her recipes: 


“I love using protein powder for breakfast recipes, such as smoothies, to make them more balanced and to keep me feeling full! Protein is essential for building and repairing muscles.”  


If you want to recreate Delicia’s delicious smoothie, check out the recipe below: 







  1. Add all the ingredients into a blender, we’d recommend putting the frozen ingredients first to avoid splash back from the milk, and so they are closer to the blade for an easier blend.  
  2. Blitz everything together until completely smooth. 
  3. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy! 



2. Vitamin B12 Spray 


Another essential in Delicia’s supplement routine is vitamin B12, which may work to: 



Although vitamin B12 may be able to offer some overall health benefits, some more specific functions, such as improved energy levels, may only be seen in those with an existing deficiency. 


Here’s what Delicia thinks of this key vitamin: 


Vitamin B12 is such an important nutrient. Especially if you eat a mostly plant-based diet! B12 is crucial for bone health, red blood cell formation, energy levels and mood. As well as preventing anaemia. I find the Organics Vitamin B12 Spray so convenient to take and it tastes like raspberry. 



3. Vitamin D Supplements


The last supplement in Delicia’s routine is the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, which may offer the following benefits:  



Delicia spotlights the importance of this vitamin and how many people in the UK may be deficient: 


“Around 1 in 6 adults in the UK have low levels of vitamin D, and due to a lack of sunlight in the winter months, everyone should be taking a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, so it is important to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Here I used the Vitamin Code Raw D3 5000 IU, which also contains powdered fruits and vegetables.”



We want to see what your supplement routine looks like, and what you’re enjoying. Whether it’s a scoop of one our protein powders or our multivitamins, tag us on Instagram @Gardenoflife_uk when you’re using them. 


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