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5 Essential Steps Every Morning Routine Needs

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A good morning routine is key to set you up for the day ahead. Making the time to wake your body and your mind up, nourish yourself with a proper breakfast and practise gratitude can help to put you in the right mindset for whatever the day throws at you.


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Your morning routine should be just as important as your night-time routine, so here are five things we believe everyone should be making time for at the start of each day:


Morning Routine Top Tips


1. A Natural Wake-Up Call


Ditching the blackout curtains to let yourself wake up with the natural light from the sunrise can be a much gentler wake-up call that the jolt caused by your alarm going off in a pitch-black room.


If getting rid of the blackout curtains isn’t a practical option for you, you might like to use an app or alarm clock that’s designed to give off light mimicking the natural sunrise instead.


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2. A Moment of Mindfulness


Taking a few moments for gratitude and to practise mindfulness while you’re still in bed or when you’re getting ready can be a great way to count your blessings and put yourself in the right mindset for the day ahead.


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Practising mindfulness can be as simple as closing your eyes, concentrating on your breathing and emptying your mind of any noise or worries before you give all your focus and energy to the day ahead.


3. A Nutritious Breakfast


Breakfast is called ‘the most important meal of the day’ for a reason; a nutritious breakfast is an opportunity to provide your body with the fuel it needs to get through the morning, giving your body the energy and nutrients it needs to get your day off to a good start.


Focus on foods known to release energy slowly, such as oats, as well as protein to help keep you feeling full.


Mix a scoop of our Raw Organic Protein Powder in Vanilla, Chocolate or Vanilla Chai into your porridge, overnight oats or a smoothie to add vegan-friendly filling power and nutrition to your morning routine.



4. Kickstart Your Day with a Morning Workout Routine


Starting your day with a morning workout routine can help to wake up both your body and mind, releasing endorphins (also known as ‘happy hormones’) around your body to give your morning a boost.


Wake up with some gentle yoga, incorporate some invigorating stretches into your routine or get your gym session or run out of the way first thing to set you up for the day ahead.


Help your body to recover after your morning exercise with our Sport Organic Plant-Based Recovery formula, which comes in a tasty, refreshing Blackberry Lemonade flavour.



Designed to be taken straight after a workout, our Sport Organic Plant-Based Recovery formula can help to reduce fatigue and aid normal muscle function, thanks to a blend that includes whole food magnesium and organic B vitamins.


5. A Vitamin Boost


Most vitamins and microbiome supplements are designed to be taken with water, juice or food, so try to get into the habit of taking your supplements as part of your morning routine.


Try a vegan, organic multivitamin to kickstart your day, such as our Organics Women’s Multi Gummies or Organics Men’s Multi Gummies.



These chewable gummy vitamins are made using whole food ingredients that can all be traced right back to the seed or soil they grew from, and they’re convenient to fit into your daily routine.


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