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Multivitamins vs Single Vitamins

Multivitamins or single vitamins

Incorporating vitamins into your routine is a great way to boost your health. Whether you’re a vitamin newbie or take vitamins on the regular, you might be wondering whether you should take multivitamins or single vitamins? That said, we’ve put together the many benefits of multivitamins and single vitamins, including which supplement you should opt for.  Read on to discover everything about multivitamins vs single vitamins 


Should You Take Multivitamins or Single Vitamins


If you’re a newbie to taking vitamins, the first step you may take to the vitamin world is incorporating multivitamins to your routine. Multivitamins and vitamins work to provide your body with crucial nutrients that can be beneficial to overall health and wellbeing. However, multivitamins and single vitamins target different needs.  

Benefits of Multivitamins


Multivitamins are a super convenient way for you to start your supplement journey. They supply you with a bulk of your daily essential vitamins and mineral in one single dose. Multivitamins provide you with an element of reassurance that you’re providing yourself with all your required vitamins such as vitamins A, C, D, E and K each day. Another additional bonus to introducing multivitamins is that they allow you to save money, where possible.  


Whether you’re looking for gender specific multivitamins or age-related multivitamins, we have a wide range of multivitamins for you to discover!  


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Including our range of Organics Vitamins, which are 100% organic, non-GMO and certified vegan, and our Vitamin Code range that features raw food nutrients in a whole food fruit and vegetable base. Find the perfect multivitamin for your desired needs.  


Pros of Individual Vitamins  


Although introducing multivitamins is a lot easier and more convenient, individual vitamins allow you to target specific deficiencies as well as your body’s required needs. Multivitamins, also only hold a small amount of each vitamin, meaning the dosage of the required vitamin might not necessarily be enough, unless you choose individual vitamins.   


We also stock a range of individual vitamins to help support your overall health and wellbeing. The common vitamins we usually fall short on that we recommend you adding to your routine are:  


  • Iron 
  • Vitamin D  
  • Vitamin B12  
  • Calcium  
  • Magnesium 



Which are Better Multivitamins or Individual Vitamins?  


There’s no superior supplement, it depends on your individual health needs and requirements. If you’re looking to start taking supplements to maintain optimal health and provide your body with additional nutrition, multivitamins might be the better option. However, if you’re struggling with a deficiency, individual vitamins may help target this deficiency by providing you with the specific nutrients and work to regulate your levels. 


When is The Best Time to Take Vitamins and Multivitamins  


Similarly, to choosing between vitamins and multivitamins, deciding the perfect time to take your vitamins depends on a few different factors. These factors can include: 


  • Personal health 
  • Other medication 
  • Diet 


As a rule of thumb, if you’re introducing multivitamin supplements, we’d recommend taking them first thing in the morning to help promote optimal absorption. However, if you forget it doesn’t matter, the most important thing is making your supplement intake a habit.  


For more information on the best time to take vitamins and multivitamins, check out our guide here: 


When is the Best Time to Take Vitamins & Multivitamins?

Your Health

When is the Best Time to Take Vitamins & Multivitamins?

Learn when the best time is to take vitamins.

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