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The Many Health Benefits of Ginger

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a popular root that has traditionally been used for centuries, but there’s so much more to ginger than meets the eye. Not only is it a common ingredient that is often used in cooking to add a hint of spice, but it’s also packed with many health benefits, that can help keep your health and wellbeing at its optimal.  


That said, we’ve put together the many benefits of ginger and how you can incorporate this root spice into your everyday routine, thanks to the likes of our Garden of Life supplements.  


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What is Ginger?  


Commonly used in sweet treats such as gingerbread and ginger biscuits, ginger is more than just a flavour – it contains a range of health benefits and has been used for medicinal properties throughout the ages.  


It’s a flowering plant that is part of the Zingiberaceae family, which if you’re familiar is the same as turmeric and cardamom. 


Rich in anti-inflammatories and many other essential nutrients, such as vitamins C, B, iron, calcium and phosphorus, you can enjoy ginger in tea, food or supplements. 


What Are the Health Benefits of Ginger? 


Adding even just the smallest amount of ginger into your routine will provide you with a wealth of benefits. Take a look at just some of the benefits ginger can provide you below: 


1. Anti-Inflammatory 


Ginger features a range of antioxidants, vitamins and essential nutrients, all of which may help to reduce the production of inflammation in the body. So, whether you’re experiencing an illness, sore joints or simply had too much exposure to free radicals, ginger can help to protect your body from the oxidative stress that can influence inflammation. 


2. Supports Digestive System


Ginger contains carminative, which is a substance that can help eliminate any gas build up and work to promote good gut health.  


3. Boosts Your Immune System 


Especially when it’s cold and flu season, ginger is a great way to help boost your immune system. The idea is that ginger will warm your body up and will work to make you sweat out any toxins – this is a practice that has come from traditional Chinese medicine. 


4. Calms Nausea 


Ginger can work to help break down any built-up gas in your intestines that may influence you in feeling sick. So, if you find yourself having a queasy stomach, grab a ginger shot or ginger supplement to ease any nausea away. 


5. Alleviates PMS Symptoms 


Menstrual pain can be uncomfortable and often painful, which is why many introduce ginger to their routine. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger can work to help relieve any menstrual pain, along with any period bloating.  


How to Incorporate More Ginger in Your Diet  


To ensure you’re providing yourself with the many ginger benefits, here are some of the different ways you can incorporate ginger into your diet.  


1. Ginger Tea  


Ginger tea is probably the easiest and quickest way to incorporate ginger into your routine. It’s as simple as chopping up some ginger and placing it in water and steep it.  


For a sweeter approach, try adding in some sweeteners such as honey or lemon.  


2. Savoury Meals  


Ginger can work as the perfect secret ingredient to your savoury dishes. We understand you may be reserved as it could adjust the taste to your favourite recipe, but it can in fact make your favourite recipes better. Whether you’re looking for an added kick or taste, simply add a pinch of ginger and that’s it! Our favourite recipes that we’d recommend adding ginger to are: stir-frys, soups or curries.  


3. Ginger Supplements  


Whether you don’t like the taste of ginger or are looking for a simpler way to reap the benefits, try introducing supplements.  


At Garden of Life, we have a wide range of supplements that contain ginger, so you can deliver some of its many benefits to your body. These supplements include some of our favourites such as our:  ashwagandha tablets, Garden of Life Alkalize and Detoxifier, Microbiome Once Daily Mens and Microbiome Once Daily Womens and Turmeric tablets 



Discover more beneficial supplements to add into your routine here:  



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