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Organic September: What’s it All About?


Organic September, a month-long event promoting all things organic, presents the ideal opportunity to reassess your eating and food shopping habits. 


Going organic can have benefits in terms of health, sustainability and the environment, and it’s something that we’re extremely passionate about at Garden of Life, where organic ingredients are at the heart of our protein powdersmultivitamins, apple cider vinegar gummies and microbiome formulas. 


What is Organic September?


Organic September is designed to encourage more people to make the switch to eating and shopping organic.


Adopting a more organic lifestyle can extend to everything from the food on your plate to the clothes you wear and the products in your make-up bag. Look for clothes made from organic cotton, seek out natural skincare products and choose foods that are grown and produced without fertilisers, pesticides or GMOs (genetically modified organisms).



What are the Benefits of Going Organic?


Shopping and eating more organically can have benefits for your own health, as it means you’ll be consuming more natural vitamins and minerals, but it can also have benefits for the world around you too. 



Organic produce is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides that contribute to pollution, and it’s also typically fresher, as it’s free from preservatives. 


Meanwhile, organic farming prioritises animal welfare, with no antibiotics, animal byproducts or growth hormones given to organically raised animals. 


How to Make the Change to Organic

Here are a few ways you can make the switch to eating more organically: 


Grow Your Own


If you’re lucky enough to have the space for a vegetable patch or access to an allotment, growing your own produce means you can be in full control of the pesticides and fertilisers used in the process, allowing you to eat organically. 


Organic farmers’ markets are a great option if you want to shop organically, while supermarkets also stock organic options – just make sure you read the label before buying. 




Foraging can also be another way to eat organically, with foods such as wild garlic and wild berries available for picking in some areas.



Always check that you have permission to forage in an area before taking anything, and never touch or eat anything if you’re not sure of its safety. 


Eat Seasonally


It’s much easier to eat organic if you eat seasonally, as you’ll know that fruits or vegetables have been grown as intended, without the use of artificial heat lamps, for example. 


One great tip is to stock up on your favourite produce when it’s in season, then freeze it until you’re ready to eat it. Organic veg boxes are one way to make sure you’re eating more seasonally. 


Garden of Life’s Commitment to Organic


Although growing organic ingredients might take a little longer, we believe that it’s the right thing to do, which is why organic, whole food ingredients are at the heart of our product range. 


Clean ingredients that can be traced back to the seed, soil and farm they came from are our priority, and that’s what you’ll find across our organic protein powders, multivitamins, apple cider vinegar gummies and more. 



Many of our products are Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, so you can be sure that you’re only putting the good stuff into your body. 


Find out more about how we trace the ingredients we use: 


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Your Health

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