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5 Bright Ideas to Give Your Brain a Break

Do you ever feel like you’re working too hard? If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed and overstressed, then your brain is probably overloaded. Giving your brain a break is one of the best ways to look after you mental well-being and physical health.


Benefits of giving your mind some R&R include lowering stress, reducing pain, and even increasing creativity and productivity. This might all sound a bit unlikely, but actually, by switching off from everyday stress, you’re allowing your brain to recharge. And, when your brain is fully charged it’s likely to leave you feeling inspired and refreshed.


If you feel like you could do with a brain break, then read on to see what you could do differently to improve your state of mind.


Embrace the great outdoors


Sometimes, the best way to get out of your own head is to get out into nature. Being able to walk away from your workplace, or get out of the house, and breathe some fresh air can really help to focus your senses and quieten your mind. Walk away from your problems and leave all of your worries behind, and feel calmed by nature. Research shows that taking a walk outdoors activates the section of your brain that refreshes your mind and your mood.

Exercise your body and mind


We all know that exercise is beneficial for your body, but did you know it can also a smart move for your brain? Exercise produces endorphins, which can work wonders for your mind, and serotonin which can help to improve your mood. Plus, research has found that exercise can boost your brain power, improving long-term memory and thinking skills. If you’re not ready to run a marathon or spend hours in the gym, then don’t worry. Taking 5 minutes to stretch, or dance around the room to your favourite song, will get your mind in better shape.


Forget your phone


Our digital devices might help us to stay connected with friends and family, but they also help us to stay connected to stress. Whether you’re constantly refreshing your work emails or your Facebook feed, your phone is stealing your spare time. Try to switch off your phone for a period every day. You could try to keep your phone on silent when you’re doing chores, remove your computer from your bedroom, or even set a limit to how often you check your social media every day. By being less connected to your digital life, you can feel more connected with yourself.


Music is magic


It can be difficult to switch off, so when you’re struggling, your favourite song could be the answer. Listening to music you enjoy can distract you from any worries or troubles. Research has found that in addition to making you feel happier and more relaxed, music can boost creativity and brain power.


Do nothing


Sometimes, all you need to do to properly relax is absolutely nothing. Whether it’s just for a few minutes in the afternoon, or for a whole day, use your time wisely by not using it all. Leave your to-do list for another time, and try to relax your mind, daydream and just zone out. By doing nothing, you are resetting your mind. This can inspire new ideas, insights and energy. Try it, you could be surprised by how doing less could make it easier to do much more.

When your brain needs a holiday, send your stress and problems packing by trying one of these techniques.


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