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5 Ways to Embrace Spring in Your Routine

woman cycling past blossom trees

Brighter weather, longer days, vibrant daffodils and gorgeous blossom – spring is finally here, and it’s time to leave the depths of winter behind.


Embrace this beautiful season and welcome spring into your everyday routine. From getting outdoors for some vitamin D to bringing the outdoors in, here’s how you can celebrate the glorious arrival of spring.


1. Appreciate the Changing Seasons


The milder weather of spring means there are more opportunities to get outdoors, which can have a big impact on your mental health. Whether it’s your garden, balcony or a bench in your local park, sitting outdoors for a short time every day can be a huge mood-booster.


blossom trees and spring sunshine


Take the time to appreciate the changes you can notice, from the first signs of daffodils to ducklings in the park. This can be a great way to practise mindfulness to relax your body and mind, bringing you back to the present and away from daily stresses and anxieties.


2. Seek Out Vitamin D


More opportunities to get outdoors also means you’ll have more opportunities for vitamin D exposure.


Also known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’, vitamin D helps to support normal immune function, and contributes to normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus and to the maintenance of normal bones.


Natural sunlight is a key source of vitamin D, but if you’re not getting as much time outdoors as you like, there are alternatives available, such as our Organics Vegan Vitamin D3 Spray and Organics Vitamin D3 Chewables.



Try to get outdoors for a little exercise every day, whether it’s for a run around your local park or some yoga in your garden – not only will this give you a little more exposure to vitamin D, but you’ll be supporting your physical and mental health at the same time.


3. Embrace Seasonal Eating


Eating seasonally is a great way to improve the sustainability of your lifestyle and add more variety into your diet.


Seasonal springtime fruits and vegetables include:


  • Rhubarb
  • Spring greens
  • Watercress
  • Spring onions
  • Rocket
  • Spinach
  • New potatoes
  • Strawberries


Make a smoothie using a few of your favourite seasonal ingredients and add a scoop of our Raw Organic Unflavoured Protein Powder to add extra filling power from whole food ingredients.



4. Give Your Home a Spring Clean


Spring cleaning can be an incredibly therapeutic task; not only is it an opportunity to declutter and get your home in order after a long winter cooped up indoors, but it can also be a good way to incorporate extra exercise into your routine. Stretching to dust hard-to-reach corners or dragging the vacuum cleaner around the whole house can help you to use muscles you might not use all of the time.


A good declutter can help to clear your mind and give you fresh focus too, giving you the headspace you need to go after your spring goals.


5. Bring the Outdoors Indoors


Bring a little bit of nature into your home by filling a vase with daffodils or tulips. Fresh flowers are beautiful to look at and the bright colours can help to lift your mood and truly brighten your living space.


woman arranging daffodils indoors


Filling your room with essential oils, especially those made from natural plant extracts, can be another lovely way to bring the outdoors in. Our Garden of Life essential oils are 100% organic and our Happy Blend is particularly suitable for springtime, thanks to its uplifting combination of sweet orange, geranium and palmarosa. Add a few drops to a room spray or reed diffuser to fill your home with this joyous, balancing, refreshing scent.


Find out more about how to introduce essential oils into your routine:


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