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Collagen Peptides

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Discover Collagen Supplements at Garden of Life, including collagen peptides sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised collagen. Garden of Life collagen peptides powder provides 20g of collagen per serving to contribute to skin elasticity and beautiful hair. Our collagen peptides formula is designed to support a youthful appearance and can be added to shakes, smoothies or baking recipes. Shop the collection today.

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What are collagen peptides?

Collagen peptides are made up of amino acids that work to support essential structures within the body including skin, hair and nails. As we get older, our collagen supply naturally begins to decline which is why we recommend introducing collagen peptides to your routine, in order to maintain your collagen levels. Learn more about Collagen Peptides.

Is it OK to take collagen peptides every day?

We’d recommend introducing collagen peptides into your everyday routine. This way you can help develop a habit while supporting and maintaining your collagen levels. Especially as we start to age, introducing collagen peptides into your routine every day, may help work towards boosting your collagen levels.

We have a range of Garden of Life Collagen Peptide powders for you to include in your routine, including Collagen Peptides Unflavoured Powder, Collagen Beauty Powder in Cranberry Pomegranate and Collagen Beauty Powder in Strawberry Lemonade.

What are the side effects of taking collagen peptides?

Collagen supplements may help to provide you with a wide range of benefits when you take them. However, you may experience mild side effects such as bloating, heartburn and feeling full, when starting off.

What age should you start taking collagen peptides?

Collagen peptides can be useful at any age; there is no set age at which you should incorporate them into your routine. However, our body is normally susceptible to collagen decline between the ages of 20-30.This is why we’d recommend introducing collagen peptides into your routine round then, to ensure you’re making the most of the collagen benefits and preventing the risk of collagen decline.

How long does it take for collagen peptides to work?

Although you might not see visible results instantly, doesn’t mean it’s not working. Your body can take up to 4-6 weeks to adjust to any changes you’ve implemented and show results. Learn more about collagen products you need to try.

When should I take collagen day or night?

Deciding when to introduce collagen supplements into your routine, is completely up to you and your own schedule. However, we’d recommend introducing collagen supplements first thing in the morning to help you develop a daily habit.