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A Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying Exercise

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Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health, both mentally and physically. However, the thought of exercising isn’t everyone’s favourite.


If you’re new to working out or you haven’t exercised for a while because you don’t think you enjoy it, check out our tips on learning to love exercise, which we believe is the key to enjoyment.

Find Your Exercise


There’s such a wide range of different exercises, but to really enjoy your workouts, it’s important that you’re doing the right ones for you.


  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT) – repetitions of short, but intense, movements
  • Aerobic – continuous movement, like swimming, dancing or running
  • Strength – focusing on muscle power through weight lifting and resistance training
  • Flexibility – muscle recovery exercises, like yoga or other stretch movements


Try the different types of exercise until you find what you enjoy, and never be afraid to switch it up! Remember that experimenting with different movements and activities can make your routine more fun.


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When exercising, you never want to be bored, so creating a circuit routine where you combine a variety of movements is a great way to keep fit while enjoying yourself. Why not get your heart rate up with some dancing, and then follow this up with some weights? Find a routine you love, keep switching it up so you don’t tire easily, and truly enjoy your workout.

Find Your Happy Workout Place


A simple way to enjoy your exercise is to be in the right environment. At the moment, the only real option is to work out at home, or on your own outside. This shouldn’t be seen as a limitation, but instead an opportunity to create your own enjoyable workout space.


Don’t worry if you’re struggling for space, need to keep it quiet, or don’t have the equipment. There are so many body-weight exercises, no-jump movements and ‘no space’ exercises you can do.


And if you don’t have the required equipment, it’s okay. There are endless exercises you can do without machines or weights, and remember, you can always improvise with some weighted boxes or even tubs of protein powder!


Set Realistic Goals


Starting with small, achievable goals is an instant way to success and enjoyment. If you set yourself goals that are too big or unrealistic, you’ll only feel down when you don’t reach them.


For example, if you’re using weights, set yourself a goal of increasing the weight or reps every week. If you’re running, try to increase the distance by a small amount each time.

Think Positive


To really enjoy your exercise, you need to remove any negative thinking around working out. When you tell yourself that you need to work out, it can become stressful, and ultimately something you want to avoid. If working out becomes a chore, it’ll only be a matter of time before you lose interest.


Instead, if you complete your fun workout routine regularly, it will become a habit rather than a chore. Try working out at the same time each day – this way, exercise will naturally become a part of your day. This will help you to relax and enjoy your exercise more, rather than feeling stressed.


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Even something as small as wearing clothes that you don’t like can put you in a negative mindset, which isn’t ideal for a workout. Make sure you’re wearing something comfortable, yet flattering when exercising. If you feel good in your workout clothes, you’ll naturally feel more confident. This confidence will allow you to enjoy the exercise itself.


And don’t forget to lift your spirits with your favourite music, TV show or podcast. Get your headphones or a speaker and turn the volume up. Music is a great form of stimulation and will make your exercise that bit more fun.


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