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How to Fuel Your Body with Clean Protein

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For anyone working out and taking care of their body, clean quality nutrition supplementation is extremely important. To elite athletes, their bodies are literally their temples and often their livelihood as well.


Multi-Sourced Clean Protein


Our organic plant-based protein, utilises a blend of certified organic proteins from multiple sources, featuring our US grown organic peas to give it a great smooth and creamy texture.



Then, we add other quality proteins such as organic garbanzo beans, organic navy beans, organic lentils and organic cranberry seed protein. One serving delivers 30g of complete protein, providing a full profile of all the essential amino acids, 5.5g BCAAs and 5g glutamine, which are important to help reduce recovery time after exercise.


SPORT Organic Plant-Based Protein


Along with the higher amount of protein, BCAAs and the two sports certifications, the addition of our Organic Muscle Recovery Blend takes our SPORT Organic Plant-Based Protein to another level.



It includes organic tart cherries, organic apples, organic turmeric, organic goji berries and organic blueberries – these antioxidants are known to promote faster recovery. Because many sports participants compromise their immune systems due to intense training programmes, we include 2 billion CFU of specially selected, clinically studied live bacteria that have been shown to support immune health during intensive workouts.


Protein for muscle refuel


Intensive training and exercise break down muscle tissue. Including protein in your refuel/recovery formula is extremely important to:


  • Stop muscle catabolism (breakdown)
  • Jump-start muscle rebuilding


Our delicious vegan chocolate protein powder or vanilla protein powder can also be used before your workout if you’re unable to eat a full meal but need quality protein, and then ideally within one hour after your workout or exercise.


Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein is the cleanest protein available: because you work hard and deserve the best to fuel your body.


5 Delicious Ways to Cook with Protein Powder


5 Delicious Ways to Cook with Protein Powder

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Dawn Thorpe Jarvis, MSc

Dawn Thorpe Jarvis, MSc

Writer and expert

Dawn Thorpe Jarvis, MSc, is a Registered and Accredited Sports Dietitian with over 30 years’ experience as a nutritionist. She is Chief Dietitian to the Lawn Tennis Association, Lecturer for the Sports Nutrition Foundation, and Senior Director of Nutritional Science at Garden of Life.