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Top Tips on How To Be Body Confident

Endless scrolling on social media, can make us very quick to judge our own appearance. But instead of comparing yourself against everyone else, we’ve put together a few tips to boosting your body confidence and embracing who you are. If you’re not sure how to be body confidence or why body confidence is important, we’ve got you covered. Carry on reading to discover our body confidence tips and boost your mental wellness.  


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Why We Need Body Confidence?  


Body confidence, is a great way to help boost you overall attitude and opinion of yourself. It goes beyond what’s reflected in the mirror, and instead is about boosting your self-esteem and being proud of who you are. When you adopt a positive opinion on yourself and recognise all your qualities in your body image, you can help lift your spirits and boost your mental wellbeing.  

How to Be Body Confident  


Body confidence may take a little time for you to develop and truly believe, but the end result of radiating confidence and embracing your body image is worth the wait. If you’re on the hunt for some tips to how to be body confidence, here are a few of our body confidence tips below! 


Body Confidence Tips  


1. Try Positive Affirmations  


Start the day off with some positive affirmations, these should be realistic and specific. Focus on what you like about your body, recognise the importance of it and say it out loud.  


Whether it be appreciating how your dimples complement your smile or recognising how your body works hard to keep you alive every day. Acknowledging, these simple specifics, is a great way for you to start and appreciate your body. 


It might help if you speak these affirmations out loud to a mirror and repeat them a couple of times. Not only will the repetition help you believe it, but it will also help boost your confidence, which in turn will make you take that step towards loving your body.  


2. Switch Up Your Social Media Feed  


The world we live in is full of social media, and we’re not saying it’s time to say goodbye to your favourite social media app. But instead, we’re suggesting to freshen up your social media feed with a range of different body types, so you can remind yourself that they’re so many different body types – and each one is unique and beautiful.  


3. Create a List  


Instead of pin pointing all the stuff you can’t do or don’t like about your body image, it’s important to shift your focus on all the things you do like.  


Whether you prefer written or digital notes, write down all the things you can do and all the things you like about your body.  


We understand that at first, this might be difficult for you to think of, so instead you could ask a family member or friend what they like about you and write them down.  


Then similar to our first body confidence tip, every morning you should say these thoughts out loud, to help boost your confidence.  


4. Ignore The Scales  


Although jumping on the scales can help track your weight and be a good way in motivating you when you’re on your health kick, they’re not always needed.  


In fact, when you’re trying to improve your body image, you might find that going on the scales can disrupt your journey. 


Alternatively, if you’re on a health kick, measure your progress by looking at how your clothes fit and how you feel, rather than going on the scales. 


5. Pamper Yourself  


The best way to show your body love is with additional treats. Whether that be with a warm bath, face mask, foot rub or hair mask, having a good pamper can help you look after your body and boost your serotonin levels – the ‘happy’ hormone. This way you’ll not only be treating your body with love and respect, but the act alone can help you boost a positive mindset towards your overall body image.  


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